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Solana is a high-performance blockchain supporting builders around the world creating crypto apps that scale. Solana's unique architecture allows for fast transaction processing and high throughput. The Solana supported methods provide developers with functionalities to integrate Solana's features into their applications, such as querying balances, executing transactions, and interacting with SOL-based smart contracts.

Solana on Grove

Solana Custom

Solana Custom is Grove and Pocket Network's custom flavor of the Solana Blockchain that provides enhanced historical and indexing capabilities for users while limiting the hardware and infrastructure requirements of Node Suppliers. See Additional Capabilities for more information.

Supported Chain Endpoints

BlockchainPortal API PrefixRelayChainIDBlockheight
Solana Mainnetsolana-mainnet0006Latest - < 1 epoch
Solana Customsolana-customC006Latest - 6 epochs

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