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Welcome to Grove

Welcome to Grove – your gateway to high-performance decentralized web3 infrastructure. At its core, Grove is a RPC (Remote Procedure Call) service that enables users to read and write data to over 40 blockchains. Grove is built on top of Pocket Network, a global, decentralized network of nodes. Through the Portal, Grove provides a performance layer that enhances the reliability and scalability of Pocket while also ensuring the high quality service users demand.

What Makes Grove Unique?

🌎 Decentralization

Grove connects to a network of thousands of nodes, ensuring your data remains free from the control of a single entity. The decentralized nature of the network also encourages node client diversity - widening the scope of the requests that can be served through Grove.

Multi-Chain Support

Whether you’re building on EVM or non-EVM ecosystems, Grove has you covered. Our ecosystem agnostic approach ensures that you have the tools to build flexible, multi-chain apps.

🎯 Reliability and Redundancy

Grove’s performance layer + Pocket’s decentralized network ensures that your requests will be served by high performing nodes, anytime, anywhere in the world.

📈 Scalability

Scaling your application isn’t an issue with Grove. We can manage substantial request volumes, guaranteeing uninterrupted performance, even under significant load.

🚀 Speed

Grove is optimized for performance. We support gateways in 17 geographical regions, minimizing the roundtrip latency for a request.

🪄 Cost-Effective

The decentralized network model minimizes infrastructure expenses by distributing costs across participants. Grove promotes a fair distribution of value and cost - pay only for your actual usage with no overage charges or hidden fees.

Ready to Get Started?

Create a Grove Portal account or check out our Quickstart Guide.