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Grove API: Bridging the Gap between Developers and Permissionless Protocols

The Grove API serves as the performance layer on top of permissionless protocols, acting as a vital link between the user and the underlying blockchains. As the first gateway on Pocket Network, we are committed to delivering enterprise grade service while upholding the value of a permissionless internet.

Elevating Quality within the Decentralized Landscape

At Grove, we firmly believe that the future of digital traffic will settle on decentralized, permissionless protocols. Networks such as Pocket Network, excel in democratizing supplier access, providing an unstoppable RPC base layer that is cost-effective and redundant.

Decentralization is not without its own set of challenges. If you ask ten people the same question, will you get an identical response from each person? Probably not. This also applies to permissionless node networks. A user may encounter varying responses to an identical request leading to confusion about which is correct. Grove’s core mission revolves around simplifying the intricacies of the decentralized, permissionless landscape so that our users can focus on what they do best, building.

To learn more about our approach, check out Quality of Service.

Envisioning the Future

At Grove, we daydream about the future where decentralized, permissionless networks underpin the digital world. We started with RPC but will continue to expand into other services as we grow. Normalizing and streamlining the developer experience is key for us in making permissionless protocols the obvious choice for future builders.